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A home is more than a place to hold your belongings and rest your feet at the end of long day. A home is a beginning, a foundation that you can build a family on.
We here at Modular Home Additions have developed a breakthrough in the realm of renovation. In a matter of days we can build an addition to your home or even the home itself using cutting edge software and building techniques.
Your Home, Your Choice

When making a purchase as large as this you are going to want to be sure that everything is exactly how you want it. When you choose Modular Home Additions you are an integral part of the design process. Specifications are left up to you as you select from our wide array on designs. We offer a variety of ground-floor and second storey floor-plans and also offer the option of allowing you to custom-design your own based on your specific needs.
Low Cost
Obviously an important factor when making a decision of this magnitude is the price. Times are tough and making every dollar count is paramount to maintaining a comfortable lifestyle. Thankfully when dealing with the professionals at Modular Home Additions you are committing to those in the industry who place finance at a premium without sacrificing the quality craftsmanship that our company was built on. The savings can be as great as 30% over conventional methods. Remember we are not cutting costs, as that could result in shoddy craftsmanship and poor handiwork. What we are doing is using a system that eliminates overhead costs. From our showroom you select the home or addition that is best for you, over 50% of the product is manufactured in our factory and the rest is done on-site with minimal inconvenience to you, you don't even have to leave your home!


Seeing your dream home in your mind is one thing, realizing that dream can be a whole other story. Days turn into weeks, turn into months and before you know it the home that was a joyful thought has become a headache. Not to mention the escalating costs. Don't let what should a can be something wonderful turn into a nightmare. Our team of professional contractors can be in and out in a matter of days, ensuring the swiftest of transitions with a focus on quality and bringing about as little distraction as possible to you and yours.
Our Service

A point of pride in our organization and something that does not finish just because the job is done is our renowned warranty. Being voted Best in Town: Contractor two years running by the readers of Multicom Media Newspapers is also something we are proud of. Call Modular Home Additions when you are considering a new home at 416-559-4663 for efficient and cost-effective service.
Contact Us
Our showroom is located in the East York area of Toronto. Please call or email us to set up an appointment.
27 Bermondsey Rd.
Toronto, ON M4B 1Z7
Fax: 416.759.9563

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